Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Positive Self Thinking

Hey all! I have been following a blog that I have found so helpful for me in loving and living who I am. It is called Beauty Redefined. I wanted to recommend it to anyone who is trying to overcome negative self talk and labels. You know, that nasty stuff that the media wants us to think about ourselves in order for them to make a profit. Any way, after reading many of their blogs I read one about goals and I have decided to make my own for this year. (This was actually decided last month, but I'm blogging about it now.) My goal is to avoid the numbers. I'm not looking at numbers on the scale, I'm not looking at pants/dress size or body measurements, I'm not focusing on anything that I consider 'external'. I'm focusing on how I feel. How do I feel when I run? How do I feel when I eat? How do I feel when I look at myself? Am I proud of the work I am doing and do I see myself for who I am as a whole? What am I doing that is good? What could I improve? I want to celebrate the good things and make goals to improve the things I can work on. Check out the blog I was talking about if you would like and then set some goals of your own! Love, Melinda

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